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Automotive Window Films

Affordable Car & Truck Window Tinting in Newport News, Virginia.

Vehicle Tinting


Change up the look of your car or truck with vehicle window tinting services and headlight restoration from Bay Custom Tinting in Newport News, Virginia. Our qualified and trained professionals go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your happiness with a job well done.


Our automotive tinting helps protect your second largest investment by blocking 99.9% of harmful UV-rays. Keep your interior from fading and your plastic from cracking under the harsh sun. Professional grade windows films help reduce interior temperature and add some privacy to your vehicle. Llumar is a premium film that carries a lifetime warranty on all its automotive lines. All our jobs are preformed by certified, factory trained professionals. We also carry Lumars ceramic based window films. CTX is designed never to intercept with any signals from your car, its sensors or your electronic devices. Please call and speak with one of our associates today.


Virginia Law



Front: 50%
Back: 35%
Rear: 35%


Trucks SUVs Vans

Front: 50%
Back: Any
Rear: Any


Windshield – Strip down to as 1 line any darkness
*Medical waivers can be obtained to allow for darker films

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